People of Distinction


University Presidents

Adonijah S. Welch, 1868-1883

Seaman A. Knapp, 1883-1884

Leigh Smith J. Hunt, 1885-1886

William I. Chamberlain, 1886-1890

William M. Beardshear, 1891-1902

Albert B. Storms, 1903-1910

Raymond A. Pearson, 1912-1926

Raymond M. Hughes, 1927-1936

Charles E. Friley, 1936-1953

James H. Hilton1, 1953-1965

W. Robert Parks, 1965-1986

Gordon P. Eaton, 1986-1990

Martin Jischke, 1991-2000

Gregory Geoffroy, 2001-2012

Steven Leath, 2012-2017

Wendy Wintersteen2, 2017-


Faculty and Staff, 1869-1980

Edward Allen

John Vincent Atanasoff

Charles Bessey

Charles Harvey Brown

Wes Buchele

Robert E. Buchanan

Griffith Buck

Joseph Lancaster Budd

Wise Burroughs

Kenneth Carlander

George Washington Carver

Damon Von Catron

O.H. Cessna

Dorothy St. John Cooke

M.S. Coover

Charles Curtiss

Jay Brownlee Davidson

H. Summerfield Day

Phillip H. Elwood

Ercel Eppright

Paul Errington

Solon "S.A." Ewing

David S. Fairchild

Elizabeth Storms Ferguson

Barbara Forker

James L. Geddes

Herbert J. Gilkey

Henry Gilman

Charles Handy

Ada Hayden

Earl O. Heady

Helen LeBaron Hilton

Perry G. Holden

Elizabeth Hoyt

Dorothy Bean Kehlenbeck

Oscar Kempthorne

Henry Herbert Kildee

Herman Knapp

Steve Knudsen

Max Levine

Jay Lush

Catherine MacKay

Anson Marston

William G. Murray

Nellie Naylor

P. Mabel Nelson

Herbert Osborn

R. Allen Packer

Louis Pammel

Damaris Pease

Christian Petersen

Col. Harold Pride

Anna Richardson

Maria Roberts

John "Jack" Shelley

J.C. "Shorty" Schilletter

William Schrampfer

Margaret Sloss

George Snedecor

Lauren Soth

Frank Spedding

Millikan Stalker

Charles Henry Stange

Edgar Stanton

Edith Sunderlin

Pearl Swanson

O.R. Sweeney

William Switzer

Lois Tiffany

Winifred Tilden

LeRoy C. "Cap" Timm

Waldo Wegner

Mary B. Welch

Harley Wilhelm

Clyde Williams

James A. "Tama Jim" Wilson

Max Wortman

William H. Wynn

Daniel Zaffarano



  • 1. James H. Hilton was the first Iowa State University President to graduate from Iowa State. In 1923, he received a B.S. in animal husbandry.
  • 2. Wendy Wintersteen is the first female Iowa State University President and the second to graduate from Iowa State. In 1988, she received a Ph.D. in entomology.

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