Campus and its Buildings



In 1980, H. Summerfield Day, the former University Architect (1966-1975) and Planning Coordinator (1975-1980) competed the history of Iowa State University's buildings and grounds.  This massive undertaking took him and his assistants twelve years to complete. The book contains information on virtually every building or structure that had been built on the Iowa State University campus prior to 1979. 


The contents list below provides links to the PDF copies of the book. Due to the size of the files, it may take a long time to download or view the documents. 

Acknowledgments, Introduction, and Source Material      


Athletic and Recreational Areas        

Athletic Fields

Baseball Diamonds    

Golf Course    

Recreational and Intramural Areas     

Tennis Courts 


Special Areas

Ames Laboratory

Iowa State Center

Poultry Farm and Buildings

Veterinary Medicine Research Institute

YMCA and Lynn Fuhrer Lodge




Chronological List of Campus Buildings with Values



Land Use     




Lake LaVerne 


Pammel Woods          

Roads and Bridges     


West Court and Trailers




Fire Protection           



Memorials and Class Gifts     

Post Offices and Mail Service           

Radio and Television 



Storms, Floods and Cyclones 

Victory Bell   







Traffic and Parking  



Water Supply 

Sewers and Drainage 

Electric Power and Light       

Gas Supply and Distribution  

Steam Distribution, Tunnels and Chilled Water        



Campus Planning


Campus Maps


Campus Images


Campus Buildings (Alphabetically Arranged)

Aerospace Laboratory - Armory

Aerospace Laboratory

Agricultural Engineering Garage

Agricultural Engineering Machine Shed

Agricultural Engineering Shop and Shed

Agronomy Farm Crops Laboratory

Agronomy Greenhouse

Agronomy Hall

Agronomy Laboratory

Alumni Hall

Ames Laboratory Service Buildings

Andrews-Richards House






Barton Hall - Building "B"

Barton Hall

Beach House

Beardshear Hall

Bessey Hall

Bevier House

Beyer Hall

Beyer House

Birch Hall

Boarding Cottages

Boiler House

Botany Greenhouse, Forestry Greenhouse

Botany Hall (Catt Hall)

Buchanan Hall

Building "A"

Building "B"



Campanile - Curtiss Hall


Carpenter Shop

Car Pool Office Building

Carver Hall

Cattle Barns

Central Station

Chemical and Physical Laboratory

Child Development Building

Coal Houses

Coburn House

College of Design

Communication Building

Computer Science

Coover Hall

Corn Cribs



Curtiss Hall



Dairy Industry Building - Experiment Station Barn

Dairy Industry Building

Davidson Hall

Driver Training Laboratory

Driver Training Storage


East Hall

Eastwood Cottage

Electric and Paint Shop

Emergency Hall

Engineering Annex

Engineering Research Institute

Engineer's Cottage

English Office Building

Exhibit Hall

Experimental Barn

Experiment Station Barn



Fair Oaks Mansion - Fruit Storage Shed

Fair Oaks Mansion

Farm Boarding Club

Farm House

Farm Laborer's Cottage

Feeding Barn

Feeding Sheds

Feed Storage Elevator

Fick Observatory

Field House - Physical Education for Women

Film Storage

Firemanship Training Building

Fisher Theater

Food Technology Laboratory

Forage Shed

Four-Apartment House

Freeman Hall

Friley Hall

Fruit Storage Shed


Gables - Judging Pavilion


Genetics Laboratory

Genetics and Plant Pathology Greenhouse

Gilman Hall

Golf Club House


Grounds Cottage

Grounds Shop

Gun Shed


Hawthorn Court

Helser Hall

Herdsman's Cottage

Hilton Coliseum

Hog Barn and Pavilion

Hog Houses

Horse Barns

Horticulture Barns

Horticulture Cottage

Horticulture Gardens Building

Horticulture Hall

Horticulture Lab


Industrial Education


Insectary and Greenhouse

ISU Press Building

Judging Pavilion




Kildee Cottage - MacKay Hall and LeBaron Hall

Kildee Cottage

Kildee Hall and Lush Auditorium

Knapp and Storms Halls and Commons (Towers)


Laboratory of Mechanics

Landscape Architecture


Library Storage Building

Lincoln Way Cottage

Linden Hall

Lyon Hall

Machinery and Storage Shed

MacKay Hall and LeBaron Hall


Main Building - Memorial Union

Main Building (Old Main)

Maple, Willow,  and Larch Halls and Commons

Margaret Hall

Marston Cottage

Marston Hall

Meat Laboratory

Meats Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Memorial Union


Metallurgy Building - Pearson Hall

Metallurgy Building

Metals Development Building

Military Garage

Military Powder Magazines

Military Stables

Morrill Hall

Mortensen Cottage

Music Building

Music Hall

Naval Armory

Nickell-Fisher House

North Hall

North Studio

Norton House

Nuclear Engineering Laboratory

Oak-Elm Halls

Oak-Elm Lodges and Dining Room

Office and Laboratory Building

Olsen Building

Osborn Cottage

Pammel Court

Parking Ramp at the Memorial Union

Pearson Hall




Physical Education Building - Soil Testing Laboratory

Physical Education Building

Physical Plant Shops and Central Stores

Physical Plant Storage Shed

Physics Hall

Plant Introduction Greenhouse

Plumbing Shop

Pope Cottage

Poultry House

Power and Heating Plant

Power Station

President's Barn

Printing Building

Pump House

Purchasing Warehouse

Quadrangle (Lagomarcino Hall)

Rendering Plant

Research Reactor Ridgeway House

Roberts Hall

Ross Hall

Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory

Safford Cottage

Sanitary Building

Schemen Continuing Education Building

Schilletter Village

Science Hall

Seed Processing Plant

Seed Science Building

Serum Plant

Sheep Barn

Sheep Barn and Shed


Sloss House

Snedecor Hall

Soil Testing Laboratory


South Hall - Workshop

South Hall

South Studio

Spedding Hall


State Gymnasium

C.Y. Stephens Auditorium

Student Services Building

Sweeney Hall

Synchrotron Building

Teamster's Cottage

Temporary Buildings "C" - "S"

Theater Workshop

Town Engineering Building

Training Shed

University Village

Veterinary Barn

Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Medicine Facilities

Veterinary Obstetrics Laboratory

Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Physiology Research Laboratory

Wallace Hall, Wilson Hall, and Commons (Towers)

Welch Hall

Westgate Hall



Minor Buildings

Animal Husbandry Research Laboratory

Archery Hut


Bunk House

Caddy House

Cattle Shed

Central Storage

Chemical Storage Building

Club House

Experiment Station Machine Shed

Field Shed

Foundry Store House

Fruit House


Genetics Chick Isolation

Genetics Poultry Laboratory

Genetics Storage Building

Hose House

Ice House

Intramural Hut

Isolation Barn

Laundry Storage

Locomotive Sheds

Machine Shed

Quarantine Hospital

Rabbit Hutch

Slaughter House

Sorghum Works

Storage Building

Tile Storage Shed

Tool House

Wood Shed at South Hall