Digital Research is inherently collaborative and requires, in many cases, the varied expertise and backgrounds that come from working in teams. This kind of work organically produces more robust research outcomes but that also naturally changes the dynamic of how scholars traditionally work. We understand this shift and are able to help refine, scope, and collaborate on delivering a final project of which we can all be proud. You can contact us directly and we will reach out to facilitate scheduling our first discussion. We look forward to it!
No. Though, we will not turn down funds if you have them.


Based on the partnership proposed, we are likely to scope a project that is designed as a minimal viable product or prototype that does not require funds. That prototype can then be used to apply for grant funding in order to support ongoing support, development, or maintenance of the project. This can be discussed in our first few project consult meetings. Come talk to us!

Submission; Initiation; Collaboration

How We Can Help…

You do not need to come to us with a full-fledged project or detailed idea. We are here as partners who can help form ideas into something you can accomplish. We can help scope projects based on resources available and upcoming deadlines, and we can connect you to partners in and outside the library to help make sure your ideas come to fruition.
Looking for ways to introduce digital humanities skills in your classes? We can work with you to design in-class activities that align with your course outcomes and teach valuable digital skills and methods. WE can discuss an idea you have, a specific technology or methodology, or brainstorm ways to utilize course materials in novel ways through the digital.
Digital Scholarship and Initiatives and our affiliated departments in Open Scholarship Services can help you determine the best strategy for developing, publishing, and teaching with OERs.
If you’re needing project development support be it web development, database creation, access to digitization or technology to create digital content, we are here to work alongside you through the development of your project. If we don’t have what you need in the library, we will work with you to identify how we can get the work done.
The Iowa State University Digital Repository is Iowa State’s open access, full-text institutional repository. The digital repository is a powerful tool to collect, manage, preserve and provide free, worldwide access to research and scholarship of Iowa State’s faculty, staff, and students. Adding your published scholarship to the Digital Repository is easy! All you need to do is send us a copy of your CV or a publication list, and staff in the Library’s Digital Scholarship & Initiatives Unit will take care of the rest: We'll check the copyright of your article, reference your publishers' self-archiving policies, contact your publisher for permission if needed, and upload a copy of your publication to the repository. Visit the Digital Repository’s FAQ for more information.
Determining when and where you can share your scholarship, let alone determining which versions you are allowed to use, can definitely be confusing and overwhelming. Rather than stressing yourself out, turn to our Digital Repository staff! They regularly work with publishers big and small within your disciplines and are happy to help you navigate your self-archiving concerns. They will start by referencing your publisher’s self-archiving policies and/or contacting the publisher on your behalf in order to acquire permission to share your scholarship. From there, they will work with you to acquire any necessary manuscripts required by your publisher and explain any embargoes that may need to be applied to your works.
Are you looking to meet others on campus with similar digital scholarship interests? Through our workshops and networking events you can find a community of peers no matter your level. Working on a project that requires a particular skillset? We can help you to connect with potential project partners across campus.
Looking to learn a new tool or method for digital scholarship? We offer in-person training on a variety of topics. We can also point you to many valuable online training resources depending on your needs. Check out our collection of Digital Scholarship LibGuides for an introduction to a variety of digital scholarship methods.

We offer scheduled workshops throughout the semester on a variety of digital scholarship topics. We can also deliver workshops to your class.

Digital Scholarship & Initiatives provides access to digital collections from the Library’s general collection and collections held by Special Collections and University Archives. Decisions about digitization priorities are made by the Curation Services Collections Development Team and are based on preservation needs, request frequency, and collection research value and interest (link to CSCDT Selection Criteria). If there is a collection you would like to see digitized, please contact us through our consultation request form.
Looking for project funding opportunities or applying for a grant? We can assist you with identifying appropriate granting opportunities for your project, and we can also advise you as you write your narrative, scope your project, and determine your project’s technology needs.