Colored picture of MyTien Kien
MyTien's Reflection on Her First Year in the DSI Department
Colored image of the cover of 1886 Aultman, Miller, and Company catalog

Project Launch: Digital Collection of Agricultural Machinery Product Literature

A screenshot of one of the Wikipedia pages that the 4-H'ers created

Iowa 4-H Youth Conference: Identifying Prairie Plants from the Ada Hayden Digital Collection

Black and white image of Paul L. Errington canoeing through a marsh

85 years of Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research

Black and white image of the horse dynamometer trial run

From the Collections: Horsepower at Iowa State

Colored image of a drawing of wing of Braconid-Helcon

Project Launch: Hortense Butler Heywood Collection

Colored image of a model of the campus as appeared in 1875

From the Collections: Modeling Iowa State

Image of the letter proposing the formation of the Iowa Ornithologists’ Union

AvIAn Encounters – The Iowa Ornithologists’ Union Collection

Screenshot of the Readership Distribution Map showing the Digital Repository has surpassed 70,000 downloads

DR Milestones: Digital Repository posts 70,000th item!