Undergraduate Research: Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Last week, we added posters created by students enrolled in two agricultural and biosystems engineering courses to the Iowa State University Digital Repository.

Image of a poster from TSM/ABE 325: Biorenewable Systems

Poster from TSM/ABE 325: Biorenewable Systems

The 11 posters from TSM/ABE 325: Biorenewable Systems, taught by Thomas Brumm, examine biorenewables—the use of waste materials or dedicated energy crops as energy sources.

24 student groups created posters describing their work on projects for industry clients for TSM 415: Applied Project Management in Technology, taught by Joe Vanstrom and Jacek Koziel. Through these projects, students have the chance to work with local and global companies, ranging from John Deere to World’s Finest Chocolate. The students will continue their projects in the spring, in TSM 416: Technology Capstone. The final reports will also be added to the Digital Repository, creating a collection of capstone projects that can be browsed by industry sponsors and program alumni.

The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering was the first department on campus to fully embrace the Digital Repository to increase the visibility of faculty scholarship. They continue to lead the campus in exploring ways to use the digital repository to highlight student research.