From the Collections: Horsepower at Iowa State

Black and white image of the horse dynamometer trial run

Horse dynamometer trial run. (University Photographs, 09-07-F.AgEngr.554-02-011)

In the early 1920s, Iowa State pioneered a new measurement of horsepower by inventing a machine that could measure the pulling strength of a team of horses. Earlier horse dynamometers measured only the force required to move a load, not the force required to start pulling a load.

Black and white image of the technical drawing of a dynamometer

Technical drawing of a dynamometer.
(Jay Brownlee Davidson Papers, RS 9/7/11. 09-07-11_Davidson_0016-004-001)

The device, “Iowa Dynamometer Car for Horses,” was patented by E. V. Collins and J. B. Davidson in 1926.

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