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The Digital Initiatives Program is a unit within the Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Department. The DSI department supports research, teaching, and learning by facilitating digital scholarship and providing open access to digital materials that embody the scholarly, cultural, and creative activities of Iowa State University.

The department consists of two units: Digital Initiatives Program (DIP) and Scholarly Publishing Services (SPS).



The Digital Initiatives Program (DIP) at the Iowa State University Library draws from across the University Library's rare, unique, and uncommon local collections to develop digital resources that support scholarship, teaching, and learning. We enhance access to archives and cultural heritage materials held by the Library, support the development of digital scholarship projects, and manage the Library's curated digital exhibits.

We embrace the Library's mission to "make the collections as accessible and open as possible to support lifelong learning and the pursuit, creation, sharing, and application of knowledge."

Conceived in 2003 and founded in 2004, DI organizes its work around three major themes: Access, Understanding, and Experiment. These themes echo the 2004 founding vision to support and foster digital projects that enable easy dissemination of, and easy access to, scholarly assets and knowledge for the University community.


What We Do



Digitize, present, and describe unique and/or uncommon materials from library collections

We support the online access to the holdings of the Special Collections and University Archives Department and selected public domain materials from the library's general collections.



Creating shareable and reusable teaching and learning resources

We partner with campus and community members to leverage the Library's unique and/or uncommon materials as open educational and open culture resources to support teaching and learning. For example, primary source packs, digital exhibits, and other digital cultural heritage teaching and learning tools.



Support for digital scholarship projects

We partner with scholars and researchers to design and implement digital projects that draw on Library collections.


What We Don't Do


We do not provide general scanning services.
Self-service scanning information is available via the main library website.

We do not govern publication permission for materials protected by copyright.
If you would like to use Special Collections and University Archives materials still protected by copyright, contact archives@iastate.edu and see the policy page.

Materials in the public domain do not require permission to use. However, we appreciate being cited as the home for these materials. If the original source of the digitized material is not clear, a simple attribution to Iowa State University Library is recommended.

When in doubt, please contact us.

Phone Number
Unit: (515) 294-8951
Mailing Address: Digital Initiatives
204 Parks Library
701 Morrill Road
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011