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To recognize the biases in our collections and to provide a virtual space for dialogue between our shared cultural heritage and the diversity of experience with a strong emphasis on social justice and the land-grant mission through our work with student, faculty and staff digital scholarship and initiatives.


Scates-Ketter Head Shot

Hannah Scates-Ketter/Head of Digital Scholarship & Initiatives

Anderson Head Shot

Erin Anderson-Digital Scholarship Specialist

Barron Head Shot

Mark Barron

Bousson Head Shot

Lori Bousson/Web Designer

Craft Head Shot

Hope Craft-Digital Scholarship & Repository Specialist

Gilbert Head Shot

Lisa Gilbert-Digital Repository Specialist Assistant III

Marron Head Shot

Scott Marron-Digital Repository Specialist Assistant III

Smith Head Shot

Lorrie Smith-Digital Repository Specialist Assistant III

Sullivan Head Shot

Laura Sullivan-Digital Collections Librarian