Bulletin of the Califor Naturalist Club

Bulletin of the Califor Naturalist Club

List of birds identified within a twenty-mile radius of Charles City, in 1915. With additional notes.



7 pages, with bird drawing.

Carver, George Washington

George Washington Carver Papers

The George Washington Carver digital collection contains images of Carver as well as letters and correspondence between Carver and Iowa State colleagues. The majority of correspondence is to Carver's mentor, Dr. Louis Pammel.

203 documents, includes images.

Hayden, Ada

Ada Hayden Papers

Ada Hayden was the first woman to earn a Doctor of Philosophy at Iowa State; she also became curator of the Herbarium, and added over 40,000 specimens to the collection.

173 images.

Iowa Seed Catalogs

Iowa Seed Catalogs

This digital collection contains trade catalogs, 1881-1922, from Iowa seed companies, such as the Iowa Seed Company and Dorr's Iowa Seeds. The catalogs often also include gardening tools and implements.


53 catalogs.

Iowa State Parks

Iowa State Parks

An exhibit exploring the origins of the Iowa State Parks system and Iowa State University’s contributions to the system’s development. Includes 65 images and documents, interactive content, and a bibliography.

65 images and documents.

Manning, Warren H.

Warren H. Manning Papers

A pivotal figure in the history of American landscape architecture, the digital collection includes over 1,700 black and white lantern slides along with a few color slides that have been scanned to preserve their fragile images.

1865 document.

Parry, Charles Christopher

Charles Christopher Parry

Charles Christopher Parry was best know for his work as a botanist on a number of geographic surveys in the West and Midwest parts of the United States as well as the United States and Mexican Border Survey. He was the first person to hold the position of Botanist of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

6 field notebooks.

Pascal, Descartes

Descartes Pascal

Descartes Pascal digital collection contains glass plate negatives depicting life at the turn of the twentieth century in Iowa.

30 images.